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If you haven’t heard of us, let me introduce you. We are the Official Fan Club of the Philadelphia Flyers. We have been in existence since 1967. Like all Flyers fans we bleed orange and black through all the good but also through all the bad. We do it together and we would love to have you be a part of the most loyal fans in the NHL. There are many reasons to join and here are some of the best…


First, we have monthly meetings during the season. Our first meeting of the season has traditionally had a current rostered player join us to discuss their relationship to the team and what’s it like to have the support of the City and all their loyal fans. The rest of our meetings include writers, podcasters, Flyers executives, Alumni and other Flyers related dignitaries that come to speak and enlighten us on things we can’t get enough of. Meetings take place in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


Second, as all good Flyers fans do we travel well. We make several trips each season to different NHL venues to enjoy the Flyers playing in hostile territories.


Third, we volunteer in as many charitable events as possible in conjunction with the Flyers Organization as well as on our own. We help with the Gritty 5K, Carnival and we always support charitable endeavors that have included families, cancer societies, foster kids, Snider kids and so much more.


Fourth, we have group outings during the season as well as the off season. We have watch parties to see away games. There is a fantasy league, ticket opportunities, membership gift, quarterly newsletter that features articles by members and flyers relations during the season. This season we are going to attend a Phantoms game. Then in the off season we bowl, bbq, go to Phillies or Blue Rocks or paint with a twist. There is also a convention in the summer of all booster clubs (NHLBCC) in different cities.

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As you may have seen in a visit to the WFC, we have a table set up outside section 108. We raffle a signed jersey twice a year to help fund some of the things we do. Stop by and talk to Alan anytime!

Last but not least, we have the honor of choosing the winner of The Gene Hart Memorial Award for the player that has exemplified what it is to be a Flyer and play with heart the entire season. Our own past President Joe Fisher and his wife, Maureen, started this award with the Hart family blessing that includes a trophy to the player and a monetary donation to their favorite charity.

I hope very much you decide to join this extended part of the Flyers family. The membership form is on the back of this letter. We look forward to meeting you and feel free to reach out to us or check us out on any of our socials and website.

Misti Love – Philadelphia Flyers Fan Club President

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