Phillies Bus Trip to Baltimore

Thursday, July 12

A rare chance to see the Phillies play at Camden Yards! Below is a summary of what the package includes.

  • Round trip deluxe motor coach transportation
  • Free time at the Inner Harbor
  • Admission ticket to the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum
  • 2 hour private all inclusive pre-game party
  • LOWER LEVEL outfield ticket
  • Refreshments on the bus ride
  • Bus drivers gratuity


For full details please visit phansofphilly.


PFFC / Phans of Philly Road Trips 2018-19 season

For more info: contact Lou Milano at 609.922.2234 (Text/Cell) or see our
Facebook Page or contact Joe DiBiaggio at

NOTE:  Deposits can be made directly online at or contact Lou on how a deposit (other than online) can be made.





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