Presidents Letter

May 2014

Hi Everyone,

We were so happy to have Keith Primeau as our guest at the last meeting in April.  Keith has been a great friend to the Fan Club over the years.  He told us he finally feels well again after so many years suffering with post concussion symptoms.  Keith has kept busy running several businesses, coaching and spending time with his family.  He said he was really enjoying the playoffs this year.

Congratulations to new Flyers President Mr. Paul Holmgren and new General Manager Mr. Ron Hextall.  We wish them well in their new positions.  Congratulations to the new members of the Fan Club Board.  I want to say a special thanks to Lou Milano, our out-going VP for all his years of service in that position.  Lou will continue to be involved with the Board.

As I write this, the Stanley Cup Conference Finals are underway.  The teams are set:  Montreal vs NY Rangers in the East and L.A. Kings vs Chicago in the West.  It won’t be long now until the new Stanley Cup Champion will be crowned.  As hockey season ends, another season begins…Bowling Season.  The PFFC Bowling League will start the last Thursday of June on the 26th.  On the first night, be there by 6:30 pm to pick the teams.  Please be sure to let Lou Milano know if you are interested.  It is for only 8 weeks and is a lot of fun.

Have a great Summer! 

Joe Fisher, President

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