Flyers Fans doing what they do best....

Think you have a great photo to submit? Please send it to us. Make sure you include a nice letter or caption for your photo. Don’t forget to add names too!  I look forward to seeing your best Flyers Fun shots.
See you on the web...MaryAnn (

Sean Meenan (Deployed Soldier Watching Game Over Skype)- Sent in by his wife, Danielle Meenan

Sean Meenan

My husband, Sgt. Sean Meenan, is a medic with the 82nd Airborne Division in the United States Army.
He is deployed with Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
He is a die hard Flyers fan and it has been killing him to not be able to watch the playoffs.

I figured out a way to set up the computer for him to watch the game using Skype on my laptop.
He was ecstatic and stayed up late in Afghanistan to watch the Flyers beat the Penguins in Game 3.

He had the biggest smile on his face.

Danielle Meenan
“Go Flyers Go!”

This is Joe Weidemann.   Flyers Fan in Detroit!   -   Sent in by his mother, Kelly Weidemann

Joe Weidemann
My name is Kelly Weidemann. The photo here is my son, Joe. We live in Warren, Michigan,
which is a suburb of Detroit.  As you can probably guess, my entire family are lifelong Red Wings
fans. Well, almost my entire family.  When Joe began to watch the Flyers a couple years ago,
we thought it would be a temporary interest due to his love of the color orange.  He has certainly
 proven us wrong!  He has turned into a diehard Flyers fan, which earns him a tremendous
amount of good-natured ribbing from the rest of the family. 
His favorite player is Daniel Briere and he quotes team stats like he should be working for the
 Flyers organization.  Last Christmas my husband and I got Joe and his twin brother tickets to
the 2/11/12 Red Wings/Flyers game here in Detroit and my small, not-quite 11-year old son
stood and shouted down a number of Red Wings fans who were giving him the business for wearing his Flyers shirt and hat.  My husband said it was quite a sight!

For the last two years Joe has been bugging us to take him to Philadelphia to see the Flyers play.

“Go Flyers!”

Emily Gurka’s New Bedroom - Sent in by her Mom, Natalie Gurka

New Bedroom - View #1

New Bedroom - View #2

New Bedroom - View #3

Emily Gurka
is a huge Flyers fan and during the summer, she got a new

It looks fantastic!!

New Bedroom - View #4

New Bedroom - View #5

Now how cute is this?  She is Cassandra DeSante! - Sent in by her Grandmother, Allyson DeSante

Cassandra DeSante

Her father played ice hockey since he was five, until he graduated high school, and we are truly a hockey family. Diehard Flyers Fans!!!  Cassandra is no exception.  Amazingly, she sits quiet and is mesmerized when the Flyers are on.  Not bad for an 8 month old.  (Must be in her blood.) 


“Go Flyers!”

Will the cuteness never stop!?!?!  This is ... Lyla Hedderson  -  Sent in by her Dad, Jeff Hedderson

Lyla Hedderson

Just wanted to send this photo along from Ottawa, Canada, where my 7 month old daughter
Lyla and I cheer on the Flyers!! 

My daughter was amazed when the Flyers came back and scored the Game 1 OT winner
against the Penguins in the 2012 Playoffs!!

“Let’s Go Flyers!”

AND Introducing ... Madison Page Boyer  -  Sent in by Crystal Boyer

Madison Page Boyer

Welcome the newest Philadelphia Flyers fan!!

Madison Paige Boyer born 4/16/12

A HUGE flyers fan just like her daddy!!


“Go Flyers!”

This is Dobie!!! - He must be very fond of our Flyers - Look at him watching the game!!! - Sent in by Chris Stansfield

Dobie Stansfield

We snapped a picture of our Miniature Pincher (Dobie)
watching Sunday’s game against the Penguins.

He’s the Flyers Furriest Fan!

We thought a few other fans may enjoy the picture too.

“Let’s Go Flyers!”

And this is Brantford!!! - Obviously happy in his Flyers cap! - Sent in by Sherry Pfeffer

Brantford Pfeffer

We just wanted to share a picture because
we're all HUGE flyers fans in our family,
including the dog!

Sherry Pfeffer
Brantford, ON

“Let’s Go Flyers!”

Trip to CHICAGO by Allan Ellis

ReadAllAboutIt14 fans of the Orange & Black ventured from one cold city to another to watch the Flyers take on the Blackhawks at the United Center.
We went for a tour of the city and a trip to the Willis Tower (See pics of Allan stepping onto the "Ledge" on the103rd floor!).  

The next day we headed to the  United Center.  The place was loud as usual during the National Anthem, as the mostly Blackhawk crowd
was hoping for a repeat of last June (as well as the Bears to beat the Packers).  But the Flyers had other ideas. 
Playing a solid defensive game, along with "Bob's" solid goaltending, the Flyers won the game 4-1, and finished off a successful month
with a10-2-0 record in January

Game Pic 1

Game Pic 2

Game Pic 3

Game Pic 4

Game Pic 5

Fan Club 1

Fan Club 2

Fan Club 3

Allan Pic 1

Allan Pic 2

Allan Pic 3

 Joe Fisher and the Hacker Family

  About 2 months ago, our Fan Club President, Joe Fisher,  received an e-mail from a gentleman in Germany, Wolfgang Hacker, asking
  him some questions about the Flyers team.  He and his son Tobi were coming to Philadelphia for a week to take in three Flyers games.

  Hacker familyHere is what Joe had to say about the Hackers in Philly : - )

We wrote back and forth for the next few weeks and agreed to meet at their first
game, on a Sunday night at the Fan Club table. 

It was very nice, Maureen and I hit it off with them.  I brought them a couple of Flyers
t-shirts, magnets, programs and other Flyers stuff.  They really liked it, we talked for
a while and we told them we would see them at the next game. 

Tuesday night, we met Wolfgang and Tobi at the table and introduced them to the
PFFC members who were there.  I gave Tobi an autographed Briere bobble head
that was mine and wanted him to have, because Briere was his favorite player. 
He was thrilled.  We shared a few adult beverages and called it a night until the next game. 

Their final game, Thursday night, we met again to take pictures and we gave them
a few souvenirs from the Flyers.  They were both speechless, very emotional and
very happy.  We parted ways that night and vowed to keep in touch.  So far, we have.

The point of this story is how lucky I was to answer that e-mail from a complete
stranger, meet up with him and his son, and forge a relationship that I'm sure will

The best thing about it is, the only common denominator was hockey and
specifically, Flyers hockey.  It was refreshing to me to see the game, team, our
building, the game day presentation and everything else we take for granted,
through a fresh set of eyes.  It was cool. 

 Cliff Lentz and the "Phanatic around Town" project.

ReadAllAboutItCliff Lentz, one of our PFFC members, was one of 20 artists chosen for the "Phanatic around Town" project that will be
unveiled on Monday, March 29th at the Please Touch Museum in Fairmont Park.  The candidates were all chosen
based on the theme and the sketches they submitted

Because of Cliff’s Space Connection, he chose a space theme. Instead of the traditional White Moon Suit and being a
Flyers fan at heart, he chose to do the launch and reentry suits in mostly orange and black. It's something of a stretch
to see the Phanatic in orange, but it all worked out well

Cliff Painting 1

Cliff Painting 2

Cliff Painting 3

Cliff Painting 4

Cliffs Buddy

Cliffs Phanatic

Brooke De Zutter’s Christmas Bedroom Makeover - Sent in by her Mom, Nancy De Zutter

Phase 1 of Bedroom Makeover
Beginning - Phase 1
New Bedroom - View #1
New Bedroom - View #1

De Zutter

is a huge Flyers fan and for Christmas she got a bedroom makeover!

 Lucky, Lucky Brooke.

Her Dad did all the work himself.
Her Mom bought all the Flyers Gear.
I’d say it came out pretty spectacular

Wouldn’t you agree?

Phase 2 - Dad Hard at Work
Phase 2 - Dad hard at work
New Bedroom - View #2
New Bedroom - View #2
New Bedroom - View #3
New Bedroom - View #3

Nicole’s Snowman -  Sent in by Nicole

Nicole’s Snowman


“Go Flyers!!”



Josh and Chloe Matter -  Sent in by Josh

Josh and Chloe Matter

Josh Matter and his daughter,
8 year old Chloe

Flyers fans from Minnesota.


“Let’s Go Flyers!”

Cribbage Table -  Sent in by Mario Lévesque

Cribbage Table

 I didn’t get a lot of information
with this one, but it was sent in by Mario.

Check out the cribbage board!
I’m thinking that Mario made it.


Bob Haderer’s Tee Shirt - Sent in by Bob

Bob Haderer’s Tee Shirt

In 1976 the Flyers beat the Central Red Army team.
Bob found a comic that was published in the Russia newspaper, Pravda, 2 days after the game.
The cartoon shows the Flyers players as cavemen carrying clubs.
Bob had it printed onto a tee shirt and took it to the Flyers Wives Carnival.
A bunch of the Flyers signed it and all had a good laugh.

Duncan, Eddie and their Orange & Black Chinese Poppy Plant  -  Sent in by Duncan Werbecky

Flyers Fans Duncan and Eddie from British Columbia

Little Eddie and Duncan

This is a photo of Duncan and his grandson Eddie
in his wife's perennial garden with her Chinese poppy plant
which produces one and only one
bright orange flower with a black center("heart")
every summer.

We love the Flyers here
in Northern British Columbia,Canada! 

                                                Duncan Werbecky,
Prince George, B.C. Canada

“Go Flyers!!”

(Editorial Comment - Is Duncan “Going Nuts” for the Flyers?)
(Go ahead - Check out his TeeShirt in the LARGER Photo)
Sorry Duncan, I just HAD to mention that - lol)


All together now --- Awwww, Isn’t she adorable?

Kiley - Our newest Flyers Fan

Thank you so much for sending in this picture! ... (I wish I knew your name to thank you properly)

Just Born: “Kiley”. Shes’s our newest Flyers fan
  ... following in her Daddy's footsteps.

She was named after a combination of a few Flyers players. Both her mommy & daddy's idea after they came to a stalemate on names and couldn't agree.

 Kiley is tired after a long game.  ...


“Let’s Go Flyers!”

The Flyers “Dog & Pony” Sweethearts  -  Brought to you by Cassy Fugate

Flyers Copper


These pictures are of
Copper and Blacky

Showing their Flyers spirit
during the Holidays!

Have a Flyers
 “Happy Holiday!”

Flyers Blacky


Introducing Buckie! - submitted by Lauren D’Aurizio

Beautiful Buckie
These are pictures of one of the furriest and biggest Flyers fan we've got!!
Buckie does not miss a game, and wears his RICHARDS jersey for EVERY GAME!

We hope everyone enjoys these photos as much as we do and we hope for all the success for the PHILADELPHIA FLYERS!!!!!

Lauren D'Aurizio, Luis Acevedo and of course BUCKIE

You’ve gotta see this!!!! - Paige Bluhm’s Huskies

Gorgeous Flyers Husky Fans

Jenn Bluhm sent in this picture.  It was sooo cute, it had to be put on the website.

The picture is of Paige (sister-in-law of Jenn) Bluhm’s huskies ...
their names from back left to right front are:
Rudi, Pandora, Nika and Fugas

 I’m thinking they are watching a Flyers Game.

And check out the one on the floor (front left)  ...

I’m sure he is saying ...

“Let’s Go Flyers!”


Aidan Donnelly
Hi!  We are Flyers fans that happen to live in Long Island, NY - our son, Aidan, 5, is just as big a
Flyers fan as we are.

Aidan watches as many games as we can get on TV here, comes to the Wachovia Center for a game or two each year with us and wears his Flyers jerseys and t-shirts everywhere - he even boos people wearing Rangers jerseys!
We have him well trained!  When we visited the Adventure Aquarium during our summer vacation, Aidan made sure to wear his favorite Flyers shirt hoping to see other fans there too. And we did!
We captured this photo of him standing in front of the Philly skyline....
Looking forward to a great season!! Go Flyers!!! ...

Mark and Christine Donnelly


Cousins Flyers Shrine
Amanda Cousins sent pictures of her father's Flyers shrine. Along with the photos she sent a great letter.

               Thank you Amanda for sharing!!

Hi my name is Amanda Cousins, and my daddy is a Philadelphia flyers freak! I think the photos featured on your site should be pictures of how much the people love the flyers, like say people at a flyers game, or even a shrine that someone has made.
Anyways I would greatly appreciate it if you would post this picture on your site, It's my fathers pride and joy. His Philadelphia Flyers shrine.
I hope you read and respond to my letter. It would mean so much to me. And it would mean so much to my dad if his shrine was posted on the world wide web.


My name is Kasper "Dog" and I'm the number one four legged Flyer fan. Me and my master never miss cheering for a Flyer goal. I plan to become a service dog and help the disabled to attend hockey games. Together with my master Kamil we wanted to wish the Flyers continual success in the future as they make their push for the biggest water bowl on earth.


Lets go Flyers,
Kasper and Kamil


Our future is looking bright...I can't wait for the 2024 Flyers draft. You can look back and say I remember when Kristopher was just starting out. Thanks to William Martin for submitting our future draft pick


2nd Annual Cote Carnival

Cote Fights Back by Lois Witulski

The 2nd Annual Cote Carnival was held on Sunday, August 23, 2009 to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA).  Riley & Holly Cote, Swanky Bubbles Restaurant and the Flyers Organization once again did an amazing job organizing this remarkable event.  Since his sister Jaime was diagnosed with MS several years ago, Riley has done all he can to raise awareness for the fight against this disease. 

The Carnival featured a delicious buffet with drinks, a silent auction & raffle, a game room presented by Best Buy and live music by the local band Split Decision.  Flyers Ray Emery, Danny Briere, Jeff Carter, Arron Asham and Andreas Nodl, along with prospects James van Riemsdyk, Patrick Maroon and Mike Ratchuk came out to help by signing autographs and posing for pictures.  As for Riley, he was absolutely amazing, personally taking the time to sign autographs, pose for pictures and greet every fan in attendance. 

As with many charities throughout the year, the PFFC always does what we can to help.  The Fan Club made a generous donation to the cause.  Joe & Maureen Fisher, Jen Ebling, Stacey Squilla and I volunteered at the PFFC table, where we gave out fan club gifts to the guests and provided information about our club.  From the looks of things everyone had awesome time. 

Over $25,000.00 was raised at this year’s Carnival, shattering last year’s total.  Great job Riley!  Keep up the fight!

Mike Richards
Thank you to Joyce English for submitting these GREAT pictures of Mike Richards.

Mike Richards

The Benefits of Helping at the Flyers' Wives Carnival
Thanks to Joe Fisher for submitting

The pictures below are from the Flyers Dinner Dance from January of 2007. 
It was a great time and a reminder of how much fun it is to mingle and socialize with the organization.
Under the photo album, some PFFC members share their stories.

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