Next Meeting Date:Tuesday, October 6 | 7 p.m.
Wingate Hotel, Voorhees, N.J.


Our December 2014 guest was
Scott Laughton

Scott Laughton

On December 15th, the PFFC held their annual meeting/Holiday Party at the Wingate Hotel in Voorhees.
Approximately 50 PFFC members were in attendance as Flyers rookie center Scott Laughton visited with the club.
Laughton was excited at having scored his first NHL goal just two nights earlier.
My Mom is always thinking of others and had the great idea of getting a “Congratulations” card for Scott
to commemorate this milestone. Before the meeting began, we had as many members that we could sign it.
After the Q&A session, Scott signed autographs and posed for pictures with everyone.
When my Mom and I got in line for our autographs, she gave him the card and he was very appreciative
and sincerely thanked us. It was really nice to see.

Our November 2014 guest was
Steve Mason

Steve Mason
Courtesy of Poppel Sports

It was great to get a chance to meet Flyers goaltender Steve Mason at our meeting on November 11th
at the Holiday Inn near the stadium.  Steve spoke to the fan club for about ½ hour, answering many
questions and telling some interesting stories about the game of hockey. 
He was kind and patient while signing autographs and posing for pictures with the
approximately 40 members in attendance.  Congratulations to Steve Mason, last year’s
Gene Hart Award winner – well deserved!!

Our October 2014 guest was
Jim Jackson


On October 6th, Flyers TV play by play announcer Jim Jackson visited the PFFC at our first meeting of the
season in the Hall of Fame Room at the Wells Fargo Center.  Jim is a great friend to our club
and has joined us on several occasions in the past. 
With over 20 years of experience with the Flyers, Jim has been through it all with the team. 
Jim had many funny stories, talked about his favorite Flyers memories and also about his second
job on radio for the Phillies. 
When asked which job he liked best, he explained that he really can’t choose. 
He loves them both equally but in different ways.
 Needless to say, Jim has not one but two very exciting jobs and does an outstanding job with both.

Our March 2014 guest was
Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly

On Tuesday, April 1st (no foolin’), the PFFC held our monthly meeting in the Hall of Fame Room at the
Wells Fargo Center. 
Flyers Ambassador and Alumni Bob Kelly was our special guest on this night. 
Bob spoke about his current role with the Flyers:  visiting hospitals,
working with youth hockey seminars and helping with various charity events. 

As we approach the 40th Anniversary of the Flyers first Stanley Cup, it is wonderful to see that
Bob and so many of his fellow teammates are still such a big part of the Flyers Organization. 
Mr. Kelly and the rest of the Alumni are great friends to the PFFC (Dave Schultz joined us in January),
and have been guests at our meetings many times over the years..

Many thanks to Bob Kelly, Dave Schultz and the rest of the Flyers Alumni for staying in our area
and for being such an important part of the Flyers community

Our February 2014 guest was
Mark Howe

Mark Howe

It is not every day that you get a chance to meet a Flyers legend, but such was the case on February 24th
when former Flyers defenseman Mark Howe stopped by our monthly meeting. 
Mark took time out of his busy schedule as Director of Pro Scouting for the
Detroit Red Wings to meet with the PFFC. 
Mark’s last visit was over 20 years ago and he talked about how kind the PFFC was to him all those
years ago so he was more than happy to return the favor and meet with our club once again. 

At 16 years old, Mark earned a Silver medal playing for Team USA in the 1972 Olympics in Sapparo,
Japan, believe it or not, as a forward.  Howe told us how he moved to defense just a few years
prior to joining the Flyers in 1982.  Mark spent 10 seasons in Philadelphia and was one of the greatest
blueliners to ever wear the Flyers logo.  He spent his final 3 seasons with his father’s former team, the
Detroit Red Wings.  He was elected to the Flyers Hall of Fame in 2001 and the
United States Hockey Hall of Fame in 2003.  In 2011, he was inducted into the
Hockey Hall of Fame and then in 2012, his #2 was officially retired by the Philadelphia Flyers.

Despite his great accomplishments on the ice, Howe is a humble man.  In the short time listening to him,
it was obvious how much his family and friends mean to him.  Mark recently wrote a book with
Jay Greenberg, titled “Gordie Howe’s Son”.  The book is a tribute to his parents and his good friend & former
defensive partner, Brad McCrimmon. 
He also spoke of the great work of The Howe Foundation, founded by his mother Colleen. 
To learn more about the Foundation, visit their website at  
Special thanks to Mark Howe for taking the time for a great visit with the PFFC!

Our January 2014 guest was
Dave Schultz

Dave Schultz

Our December 2013 meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Our November 2013 guest was
Todd Fedoruk

Todd Fedoruk

Our October 2013 guest was
Zac Rinaldo

Pics submitted by Liz Sanna


Flyers forward Zac Rinaldo joined the PFFC for our monthly meeting at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday,
October 10th. 
Zac was a lot of fun and answered many questions from the membership before signing
autographs for everyone in attendance.  Rinaldo was last year’s winner of the “Gene Hart Memorial Award”,
given each year by the PFFC to the player chosen as having the most “heart”. 
Zac was very excited to receive this award and talked about
how honored he feels every time he sees his name listed among the other past Hart Award winners. 
Congratulations to Zac on a job well done!!

Back in April, Zac was given a crystal trophy by the PFFC at the on-ice award ceremony and a $2000.00 check to
his favorite charity.  Zac chose to make the donation to the McMaster’s Children’s Hospital (MCH) in Hamilton, Ontario. 
MCH is one of the top pediatric academic health science centers in Canada.  Founded in 1988, MCH serves a
community of 2.3 million people from south central Ontario and beyond.  To read more about MCH, visit their
website at

Our April 2013 guest was
Lou Nolan


On Monday April 8th, Flyers Public Address Announcer Lou Nolan joined the PFFC for our
monthly meeting at the Holiday Inn in Philadelphia. 
Lou arrived to the meeting with a “laundry list” of stories that he wanted to be sure to tell us all about. 
From the Broad Street Bullies to this year’s shortened season, Lou’s stories spanned over his more than four
decades with the Flyers organization. 
He spoke for almost an hour and we got the feeling he could have gone on all night, there were
so many interesting stories to tell.  It was quite obvious how much Lou loves the game and his job. 
He even said that if he wasn’t working for the team he’d be in the stands
cheering for the Flyers, just like us.  Lou was a great guest and it was
really enjoyable to hear all about his life as the “voice” in the stands. 
The PFFC would like to thank Lou Nolan for visiting with us.

Our March 2013 guest was
Wayne Simmonds

Wayne Simmonds

After a long summer, the NHL lockout and a postponement due to injury in February, the PFFC was excited to finally
present last season’s Gene Hart Memorial Award winner, Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds with a check to his charity
“Wayne’s Road Hockey Warriors” at our meeting on March 11th.  Due to time constraints that evening, Wayne could
only spend about a half hour with the club but was able to pack a lot into his visit.  Simmonds answered many questions
and also managed to sign autographs and take pictures with everyone in attendance. 

Off the ice, Wayne is a really nice guy but as we know he is a true warrior on the ice and it is fitting
that his charity is named as such. 
WRHW is an annual ball hockey tournament held in Scarborough, Ontario to raise money
for underprivileged youth who cannot afford to play hockey.

The Gene Hart Memorial Award is presented each season to the “player with the most heart” as
voted on by members at our monthly meetings. 
The award is presented to our winner at the team’s end of the year award ceremony in April. 

Our February 2013 guest was Flyers Rookie
Tye McGinn


Tye was kind enough to join the Fan Club for some questions and answers. Thanks Tye!

Our October 2012 guest was Flyers Inside Reporter
Anthony SanFilippo


At that time, an offer had just been made to the players by the owners and everyone was hopeful that the NHL
would return by early November.  Well, here we are in December, this year’s
Winter Classic and All Star Games have been canceled
and we are still awaiting news of a season. 

Because of his job with the team, Anthony was limited on what he could discuss about the work
stoppage situation, but he had many interesting and funny stories to tell about his years as a
reporter covering Flyers hockey.  Many of his articles can be found on the
Flyers website, where he recently featured
several special interest stories about some former Flyers favorites.

Our September 2012 guest was Camden Courier Post hockey writer
Randy Miller

Randy Miller

Randy is a great friend to the PFFC, having spoken at one of our meetings early last season. 
It is always interesting to hear a reporter’s aspect of the Flyers and hockey in general. 
Last season was Randy’s first season as a hockey writer,
previously covering other major sports over his career.  He once again spoke of how
impressed he is by the character of hockey players in comparison to players in
other major sports and how much easier it is to work with them. 
Randy spoke for close to an hour, telling interesting stories about some of the players,
his excitement covering last season’s playoffs, and of course,
the trying times of the NHL Lockout.  In the absence of covering games,
Randy has been recently keeping busy by writing several moving
human interest sports-related stories but obviously can’t wait to get back to reporting
on live game action. 
The PFFC would like to thank Randy Miller, for joining us for another fun time and great conversation.

Our March 2012 guest was Jim McCrossin
Many Thanks to Jim McCrossin,
Flyers Athletic Trainer/ Strength & Conditioning Coach for speaking to us at
our meeting.  It is always interesting to hear from him. 
He is extremely knowledgeable and does a great job taking care of all of the Flyers injuries. 
Jim obviously loves his job and his passion shows when talking about the team. 
Jim has been great to the PFFC over the years, speaking to us on
several occasions.  Thanks Jim for the visit!

Our February 2012 guest was Max Talbot
Max answered questions for about 20 minutes and then was kind enough to take pictures
and sign some autographs for the members in attendance. 
Thank you so much Max for being one of our best guests!

Max TalbotMax Talbot

Our January 2012 guest was Harry Zolnierczyk
The PFFC would like to thank Flyers forward Harry Zolnierczyk for joining us at our January meeting. 
Harry spent about a half hour answering questions from the group. 
He then signed autographs and posed for pictures with everyone in attendance. 
Thank you, Harry Z for taking the time to visit!.

Harry Z

Our November 2011 guest was Camden Courier Post hockey writer Randy Miller
We would like to thank him for stopping by to meet with the PFFC.

Our October 2011 guest was Claude Giroux.
Joe Fisher presented Claude Giroux with a $2000.00 check for his favorite charity as he was last season’s
“Gene Hart Memorial Award” Winner.  The award is given annually by the PFFC to the “Player with the most Heart”.
(Check out the Hart Award tab to the left)
  Claude’s check will go to his charity, which is the Claude-Giroux Centre in Hearst, Ontario. 
The check will help the Centre be able to offer new services, such as cardiac and neurological rehabilitation,
which they are unable to offer in the current facilities.

Claude Giroux

Claude GirouxMeeting

Group PictureAward Presentation

Our April 2011 guest was Philadelphia Inquirer sports columnist Sam Carchidi,
Sam discussed the Flyers and their preparation for the all important game 7 against the Sabres,
which was to be played the following night. 
There was plenty to talk about as everyone was speculating what the outcome the following evening would be. 
As we all know, the Flyers came out with a strong effort, winning both the game and the series. 
(Unfortunately, round two vs. the Bruins did not go as well
and the Flyers playoff run was cut much shorter than fans had hoped.)

Sam came prepared with many trivia questions and did a “last man standing” trivia contest with the group. 
PFFC Vice President Lou Milano was the lucky winner and took home
the prize that Sam was kind enough to bring with him,
a copy of his book “Bill Campbell: The Voice of Philadelphia”. 
The PFFC would like to thank Sam for taking the time to speak with us.

Our March 2011 guest was Philadelphia Daily News beat writer Frank Sevaralli,
Frank talked for over an hour, answering many questions about the team and his job
as beat writer for the Philadelphia Daily News. 
He leads a hectic schedule traveling to most road games but it is a job he clearly loves
and always dreamed of doing, even as a young boy.
He talked about establishing a good working relationship with the players & coaches
and the excitement of making it all the way to the Finals last season (his first year on the job).

Our February 2011 guest was the Flyers goaltending coach Jeff Reese,
Jeff was really great, he answered questions and gave us some insights into his job. 
He told us some stories about his days as a player and his memories of the Spectrum.

Our January 2011 guest was Flyers Senior Director of Communications Zack Hill
His job is liaison between Flyers players & coaching staff and the media.  Zack has held this position with the
 organization since 1993; a job he is completely committed to and totally enjoys.  He told us how he jumps out
of bed every morning thinking how lucky he is.  Zack’s job is unpredictable and keeps him busy 24/7 but it is
obvious how much he loves what he does and just as obvious how good he is at doing it.

Our December 2010 guest was retired NHL referee Kerry Fraser
Who in the NHL has more stories than a former NHL referee?  After hearing Kerry Fraser speak to us,
I can’t think of anyone.  Kerry was an amazing speaker, telling story after story of his over 30+ years on the ice. 
As you can imagine, life as a referee isn’t always easy and Kerry told us many interesting tales. 
He has recently published a book, “Kerry Fraser, the Final Call – Hockey Stories from a Legend in Stripes”.
In case you’d like a copy, his book is available at either or


Our November 2010 guest was Flyers forward Ian Laperriere.
Ian is a funny and entertaining guy; telling us all about his long NHL career – the differences in the East and West,
the thrill of last year’s Eastern Conference win, etc.  As you know, Laperriere was last season’s winner of the
PFFC Gene Hart Memorial Award so PFFC President Joe Fisher presented Ian with a check for
$1500.00 to the charity of his choice.  Ian chose the Ronald McDonald House to receive his donation. 
Ian graciously posed for pictures and signed autographs for those members in attendance.

Our March 2010 meeting guest was Flyers Head Coach Peter Laviolette.
He spoke about the Flyers playoff run, the challenges of joining a team mid-season,
and his delight at coaching the Winter Classic Game.
“Don’t Hope, Expect” - is Peter’s Motto

February 2010 Meeting: - Canceled due to inclement weather.


Our January 2010 meeting guest was Flyers Forward Darroll Powe.

Darroll Powe

He answered questions about the Winter Classic,
his days at Princeton and his hockey career.
Thanks Darroll!

Our December 2009 meeting guest was New Asst. Coach Kevin McCarthy. 
Kevin is a really nice guy and he was very informative.
He has high hopes for the team.

Our November 2009 meeting guest was Bill Meltzer.
He recently wrote the book about Pelle Lindbergh called “Behind the White Mask”.
We enjoyed the conversation not only about Pelle, but hockey in general. 
Very, Very Good. Thanks Bill.

Our October 2009 meeting guest was Chuck Gormley ... and of course ...
Chuck was GREAT!
He signed his new book (Thanks Chuck) for us, Orange, Black and Blue
and gave us all an insight into the reporters point of view of covering the Flyers Games.

Photos from our January 2010 meeting when Darroll Powe was our guest.  Submitted by Joyce English.
Roseann & Darroll

Judy &  DarrollJoyce &  Darroll

Another photo from the January 2010 meeting of Joe and Darroll.  Submitted by Lois Witulski.
Joe & Darroll

Photos submitted by Allan, from our December meeting when Kevin McCarthy was our special guest
Kevin McCarthy - December Meeting GuestDecember Meeting 2009

Below are photos submitted by Lois, our Puck editor from the meeting when Kimmo Timonen was our special guest

Here are a few photos from the meeting with Scottie Upshall as guest.
             Photos submitted by Maureen Fisher and Barb Concilio.

Photo from the meeting with Jeff Carter and Mike Richards.

Photo from the meeting with Bob Clarke.

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