Hart Award

Hart Awards

meeting at the Voorhees Skatezone.  We were joined by inaugural Gene Hart Memorial Award winner...Sami Kapanen.

Sami was a wonderful guest, answering questions, signing autographs and posing for pictures. He also let it be known that he was talking to free agent and fellow Finn Kimmo Timonen about Philadelphia (atta guy Sami! Recruit, RECRUIT!

It’s always gratifying to have a member of the Organization at PFFC meetings, especially during the off season when there’s a million other things to do.
                                                                      THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME SAMI !!

At a time when most hockey fans were watching baseball or doing other “summery things”, the PFFC gathered on May 23rd for one last

A “Hart” felt visit from Sami …

And the Winner Is…

If you missed it, the Flyers End of the Year Awards were handed out prior to the final regular season game on April 6, 2008.  The Flyers Fan Club is proud to announce that Flyers center Mike Richards has been chosen as this year’s recipient of the Gene Hart Memorial Award, presented annually by the Fan Club to the “player with the most heart” as voted by members at each general meeting throughout the season.  Fan Club President Joe Fisher and junior member Ryan Carney (who won the drawing to accompany Joe), presented a trophy to Mike along with a check for a $1500.00 donation to the charity of his choice, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Richards also won the Bobby Clarke Trophy as the team’s Most Valuable Player, as selected by a panel of sportscasters and sportswriters.

Goalie Martin Biron took this season’s Toyota Cup for accumulating the most points by being selected “Star of the Game” and also captured the Yanick Dupre Class Guy Memorial Award for media rapport as voted by the Philadelphia Chapter of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association.  Flyers Captain Jason Smith presented the Pelle Lindbergh Memorial Trophy to Braydon Coburn and Riley Cote who shared the honor for most improved player as voted by their teammates.  Finally, Kimmo Timonen was the winner of the Barry Ashbee Trophy for best defenseman as voted by a panel of sportscasters and sportswriters.  Congratulations to all the winners!!  Go Flyers!!

Playing with Heart

Flyers forward Ian Laperriere was chosen as the 2009-2010 Gene Hart Memorial Award winner.  This award is given annually to the “player with the most heart” as voted on by PFFC members at our monthly meetings.  During the Flyers pregame awards ceremony on April 11th, club President Joe Fisher along with lifetime board member Evelyn Gross (who won the opportunity to present the award by attending our monthly meetings) and Sara Hart presented Ian with a crystal trophy along with a check in the amount of $1500.00 payable to his favorite charity.  At the same time, Ian also received the Yanick Dupre Class Guy Memorial Award as voted on by The Philadelphia Chapter of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association.

Laperriere was the perfect choice for this year’s award.  Time and again, “Lappy” has sacrificed his body (not to mention his face), for the team.  He gives a one hundred percent effort every time he hits the ice with his energy and enthusiasm.  Ian Laperriere leads by example and is a great inspiration for his teammates, the ultimate “team” player.  And at 36 years old, he’s not afraid to drop the gloves when the time is right.  A key player on the Flyers penalty kill, Laperriere blocked 74 shots this season (the most of any Flyers forward), two of them resulting in horrific facial injuries.  As you know, while blocking a shot earlier this season, Ian took a puck to the mouth, lost 7 teeth and received 70 plus stitches.  And during the 1st round of the playoffs, Ian was hit in the eye with the puck (also while blocking a shot), resulting in 60-70 stitches.  Because of the ensuing brain contusion & mild concussion, he was sidelined for the remainder of the postseason.  Laperriere has vowed to wear a face shield in the future, but something tells me once he’s back, his game won’t change a bit.

Congratulations Ian, you’ve shown us heart this whole season!  You definitely earned this one!!  Great job! 

Scotty Hartnell was chosen as the 2008-2009 Gene Hart Memorial Award winner.  The award is given annually to the Flyer player who plays with the most heart as voted by the Fan club members at each meeting throughout the season.  He received a $1,500 check with the award which he donated to his favorite charity, P.A.W.S.(Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society), located 2nd and Arch Street in Philadelphia.

Well done Scott.


Scott “Hart”nell receives the Gene Hart Memorial Award for 2008-2009 …

On Wednesday evening October 19, 2011, Flyers Forward Claude Giroux stopped by our meeting at the Wells Fargo Center to visit with the club.  First on the agenda, PFFC President Joe Fisher presented Giroux with a $2000.00 check to his favorite charity for winning last season’s Gene Hart Memorial Award. 

This award is given annually by the PFFC to the “Player with the most Heart” as voted on by members at our monthly meetings.  Previous winners were: Sami Kapanen (2007), Mike Richards (2008), Scott Hartnell (2009) and Ian Laperriere (2010).

Claude was very happy to receive this generous donation, which has been sent to the Claude- Giroux Centre in Hearst, Ontario (see below).  Giroux spoke with the group for about hour, answering many questions mainly about all of the changes to the team this year, his preparation for each game and of course, the excitement of the upcoming HBO 24/7 series and Winter Classic game.  Next there were a few trivia questions and the lucky winners took home autographed Giroux pictures.  Giroux then spent some time signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone.  Finally, Claude posed for a picture with the entire group.

The PFFC would like to thank Claude Giroux for taking the time to join us.  Also, thanks to Zach Hill for coordinating Claude’s visit with us.


A Visit from Claude Giroux … and the Presentation of the 2010-2011 Hart Award


CLAUDE GIROUX, WINNER OF THE GENE HART MEMORIAL AWARDThis year’s winner of the Gene Hart Memorial Award is Flyers Forward Claude
Giroux.  Joe Fisher along with club member Joe Bustard presented Giroux with a
crystal trophy along with a check for $1500.00 to the charity of his choice in a
ceremony prior to the game on April 9th. 
In his second full season with the team, Giroux has accumulated career high
point totals this season and is a scoring threat nearly every time he hits the ice.
His tremendous speed and incredible moves make him an exciting and entertaining
player to watch.  Claude is a fan favorite – the PFFC recently chanced off an
autographed Giroux jersey and the raffle was an overwhelming success. 
Claude gives a solid effort each and every game and that is why he is the perfect
choice for this year’s award.  At just 23 years old, he is sure to have an amazing
 career ahead of him and I can’t wait to see him in the years to come.

                Congratulations Claude Giroux, on an awesome season!

Philadelphia Flyers forward Zac Rinaldo was awarded this year’s Gene Hart Memorial Award given by the Flyers Fan Club at the team awards ceremony on April 25th.  This award is given each year by the PFFC to the “player with the most heart”.  Rinaldo really stepped it up this season with a much improved, more disciplined role than in past seasons.  Zac was truly deserving of this year’s award, giving it his all each and every time he was on the ice.  PFFC President Joe Fisher and member Michelle Stopper presented Zac with a crystal trophy along with a donation of $2000.00 to the charity of his choice.  Congratulations to Zac Rinaldo on a great season!.

Zac Rinaldo receives the Gene Hart Memorial Award for 2012-2013 …

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