Convention 2007

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A Rookie’s NHLBCC Experience by Lorraine Eschert  
Convention 2007

Wow, what an experience! We have been Flyers fans since the 70’s, but nothing can compare to being a fan AND being a part of the Flyers Fan Club! The first thing I want to say is “Thank You” to Barbara and Lou. My husband Al took me to a Flyers game for my birthday back in December 2005. We met Barbara at the Broad St. doors and she talked to us about the Flyers Fan Club. Her enthusiasm and passion for the Flyers was so contagious, we came down with a wonderful case of Flyers Fan Fever. She told us to stop by the Fan Club table, so we did. That is where we met Lou. Lou was as enthusiastic and passionate about the Flyers as Barbara. After talking to Lou about the fan club, we knew we never wanted to find a cure for the Flyers Fever! We became members and what a ride it has been ever since.

Most of you know that, back in May, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it to the NHLBCC, or even be here writing this. I thank the good Lord above for both!

One of the first things we did, after arriving on Friday afternoon, was to visit the hospitality room where we were warmly welcomed by old friends and new and we got to sing “O Can Of Beer” for the first time! The Halloween Party was awesome! I have not danced so much in years. My knees were so sore the next day, but the pain was a pleasant reminder of the great time we had the night before. After much drinking and dancing we went to the hospitality room for more fun and fellowship until closing.

The next day we spent recuperating from Friday night, in the pool and spending time with our new friends. We also rested up for Survivor Night. By Saturday night’s dinner we had met so many new friends, it seemed like we knew everyone for years. By then, we knew why all the attendees had referred to the convention as a “Family Reunion”.

We did not know what to expect at Survivor Night, especially being Rookies. Survivor Night was THE best. We definitely want to thank, again, all of those who stayed up with us, and provided us Rookies with a fantastic time! If it wasn’t for you guys, it would not have been possible. A special thank you goes to Bill, from Pittsburgh, for guiding us through all the games. BUZZ, what a new meaning that word has! I don’t know where Palma gets all her energy from, but she looked like she could have stayed up for another 24 hours! I was honored to be awarded as the 2007 NHLBCC Rookie of the year!

Our thanks and gratitude goes out to Evelyn, Palma, Barbara, Lou, and the rest of the NHLBCC Committee for a wonderful and memorable event!

We are hooked!!! We already miss everyone we met and we are looking forward to next year’s convention in Chicago!

On behalf of the entire Eschert Clan, Thank you for a Wonderful and Memorable experience! We are honored and proud to be members of the PFFC!!!

Lorraine Eschert
2007 NHLBCC Rookie of the Year

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