Tales of a Rookie ... by Beth Krummert

Tales of a Rookie ... by Beth Krummert

The second weekend in August every year means it is time for the NHLBC Convention.  This year I had the opportunity to be able to attend the convention which was held in St. Louis.  It was a great distraction from summer hockey withdrawal to get together with other hockey fans from around the league.  As a rookie it’s a little intimidating when everyone else knows one another but it turns out that everyone is just one big family who welcome newcomers like they’d been there the whole time.  Even though when one needs a drink, snack or a helping hand, they tend to call on a rookie for help, it is all in good fun.

Hanging out with our hockey family and seeing the sites of St. Louis was an experience I will never forget.  On Friday I took the “Beer Barons Tour”, which included a full brewery tour at Anheuser Busch and the Busch family’s private retreat, Grant’s Farm.  We got to see the world famous Clydesdales up close and personal, along with other animals on the grounds.  I thought it would feel like I was a third wheel but it turned out that within no time at all it felt as if we’d all been friends for years.  It was great to hear the guest speaker, Blues defensemen Bob Plager speak of his time as a player in the league.  Many laughs were had by all.  Survivor night was a blast and a great experience for everyone, especially a rookie, but you need to attend to find out what it is all about.  I can’t wait for next year in Nashville to see everyone again and hopefully many new faces too.  …


  2014 St. Louis Blueliners Convention  



Phlorida Convention 2012

2012 NHLBCC – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida by Lorraine Eschert

Convention 2012

This year’s National Hockey League Booster Club Convention (NHLBCC) was hosted by the Florida Panthers Booster Club.  Our adventure began early Sunday morning, August 5th.  We were pleasantly surprised to run into Joe G. at the Philly airport and he was on the same flight out to Fort Lauderdale.  We arrived in sunny Florida a few hours later and met up at the airport with a few of our NHLBCC family members, Jim (Sharks), Chris (Hurricanes), and Cathie (Flames).  The 5 of us hopped into our rental van and headed down to Key West for a multi-day Pre-Convention Duval Street Pub Crawl.  It was a beautiful ride down and we met up with many other of our NHLBCC family who also had the same pre-convention idea.  The 5 of us stayed at the Duval Street Penthouse and some of our stops on our pub crawl included Hog’s Breath Saloon and Sloppy Joes, but we spent most of our time at Fat Tuesdays on Duval Street.

We headed back up to Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday to join our other NHLBCC family and wait for the other Flyers Fan Club members to arrive.  Soon we were joined by Evelyn, Joan, Lou, Alan, Rosemarie, Crys, Joe, Angie, Bill and Philly Al (who actually lives in Florida).  Palma was VERY MUCH missed this year, but we are glad she is feeling better and we all can’t wait to party with her at next year’s convention!

Some of the activities that our fan club members enjoyed were the Wednesday Night Pub Crawl at Seminole Hard Rock Live, dinner cruise, airboat ride in the Florida Everglades, tour of the Panthers Bank Atlantic Center and a Marlins game.  Friday night’s dinner theme was Salute to American Heroes, and everyone dressed up in various American garbs in tribute to America and their heroes.  Friday night, the Flyers Fan Club hosted a hospitality room and Al Eschert’s (always requested) Broad Street Punch was a BIG hit again this year.  Lou’s favorite activity is serving the punch (1 for you, 2 for me, LOL).  Saturday night’s theme was 80’s night.  Everyone dressed in 80’s outfits and danced the night away to their favorite 80’s songs.Congratulations to Rosemarie Sheetz, who was also inducted into the NHLBCC Hall of Fame on Saturday night!  Then came time for Survivor night, where everyone who still has the energy stays up all night for our last night together, playing games and gathering around the punch bowl for more Broad Street Punch.  This year’s “Rookie of The Year” award went to a Flyers Fan Club Member – Philly Al, Congrats!

Sunday is always a sad day as we say goodbye to our “family”, however some of us stayed one more day, because as anyone who has ever been to convention knows, we never want it to end.  Now the anticipation of meeting up again next year in Savannah, Georgia begins, where once again, our NHLBCC family will be together again for another fun filled week!

Pittsburgh Convention 2010

Detroit (Las Vegas) Convention 2009

Many thanks to Alan for providing the pictures!!!


Read all about it

Vegas Vacation by Palma Maglio

Every organization, whether it be a professional one or social one like the PFFC, gets known for something.  The Detroit Red Wings For‘Em Club is getting a reputation for not only knowing how to throw a great party, but also for doing it in a third party city.  In 2004, they hosted in Toronto.  This year, Convention was in Las Vegas, and once again, they outdid themselves.

We should have known it was going to be a special time when the flight there was such a blast.  Five PFFC-ers were on the same flight & four of us were in the same row (thanks Evie!!).  PFFC Officer MaryAnn Corner & Al Eschert are “white knuckle” fliers, so the “alky-hol” was flowing fast & furious.  Talk about polar opposites, MR. (Al) Eschert was trying to drown his anxiety and MRS. (Lorraine) Eschert would have been hanging out the window taking pictures if she could!

There were a lot of Pre-Convention activities like the usual Pub Crawl, THE DAM TOUR!! and “on-your-own” side trips like the Mandalay Bay Aquarium.  If you’re on Facebook, become friends with one of the Escherts, you’ll see quite a few pictures. 

Friday night’s party was a 50’s-60’s affair with an appearance by “Elvis” and the usual “must play” convention songs.  Saturday’s party, a disco affair, was highlighted with appearances by “Barbra Streisand”, “John Travolta” and a disco ball that took almost an hour to install.  (Al Eschert noted - “they drill a hole in the ceiling for the ball, but we can’t use thumb tacks to hang a banner in the hospitality room?!”).

During the Convention’s General Meeting, each club gets up and tells what they’ve been up to for the past year.  Our speech was much anticipated because it was delivered by none other than beloved PFFC V.P. Lou Milano.  Despite his speech impediment, Lou always wanted to do the Saturday speech and he did not disappoint.  He very quickly went through the “we did this” blah-blah-blah and got right to the heart of why the NHLBCs get together: Hockey people are the best.  It was one of the most talked about speeches ever. WE LOVE YOU TOO LOU-LOU!

Then came Survivor Night with its usual rookie games…Well, maybe not that usual. A Twister game between a couple of rather attractive, young & flexible rookies had to be declared a tie because it went on forever…unless you were of the male persuasion.  Then it was WAAAY too short.  There was also a rookie chucking incident during the “Simon Says” game, but that’s a story in itself.  (Thank heavens Brian Bowerman from Detroit is a good sport & has a sense of humor!)

As usual there’s a LOT of side stories to Convention.  Ask Lou Milano why he has a new cell phone.  Ask the Escherts why they formed the Liberace Fan Club and why Al has the curious nickname of “Bubbles” and last but certainly not least, ask me - what the heck is “rookie chucking”?

THANKS AGAIN DETROIT FOR’EM CLUB FOR A JOB WELL DONE!  Next year is a “Drive-to” Convention in Pittsburgh - BE THERE!  ALOHA!!



Philly (Valley Forge) Convention 2007

A Rookie’s NHLBCC Experience by Lorraine Eschert


Convention 2007

Wow, what an experience! We have been Flyers fans since the 70’s, but nothing can compare to being a fan AND being a part
of the Flyers Fan Club! The first thing I want to say is “Thank You” to Barbara and Lou. My husband Al took me to a Flyers
game for my birthday back in December 2005. We met Barbara at the Broad St. doors and she talked to us about the Flyers
Fan Club. Her enthusiasm and passion for the Flyers was so contagious, we came down with a wonderful case of Flyers Fan
Fever. She told us to stop by the Fan Club table, so we did. That is where we met Lou. Lou was as enthusiastic and passionate
about the Flyers as Barbara. After talking to Lou about the fan club, we knew we never wanted to find a cure for the Flyers Fever!
We became members and what a ride it has been ever since.

Most of you know that, back in May, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it to the NHLBCC, or even be here writing this.
I thank the good Lord above for both!

One of the first things we did, after arriving on Friday afternoon, was to visit the hospitality room where we were warmly welcomed
by old friends and new and we got to sing “O Can Of Beer” for the first time! The Halloween Party was awesome! I have not danced
so much in years. My knees were so sore the next day, but the pain was a pleasant reminder of the great time we had the night
before. After much drinking and dancing we went to the hospitality room for more fun and fellowship until closing.

The next day we spent recuperating from Friday night, in the pool and spending time with our new friends. We also rested up for
Survivor Night. By Saturday night’s dinner we had met so many new friends, it seemed like we knew everyone for years. By then,
we knew why all the attendees had referred to the convention as a “Family Reunion”.

We did not know what to expect at Survivor Night, especially being Rookies. Survivor Night was THE best. We definitely want to
thank, again, all of those who stayed up with us, and provided us Rookies with a fantastic time! If it wasn’t for you guys, it would
not have been possible. A special thank you goes to Bill, from Pittsburgh, for guiding us through all the games. BUZZ, what a new
meaning that word has! I don’t know where Palma gets all her energy from, but she looked like she could have stayed up for
another 24 hours! I was honored to be awarded as the 2007 NHLBCC Rookie of the year!

Our thanks and gratitude goes out to Evelyn, Palma, Barbara, Lou, and the rest of the NHLBCC Committee for a wonderful and
memorable event!

We are hooked!!! We already miss everyone we met and we are looking forward to next year’s convention in Chicago!

On behalf of the entire Eschert Clan, Thank you for a Wonderful and Memorable experience! We are honored and proud to be
members of the PFFC!!!

Lorraine Eschert  (2007 NHLBCC Rookie of the Year)

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