Tales of a Rookie ... by Beth Krummert

Tales of a Rookie ... by Beth Krummert

The second weekend in August every year means it is time for the NHLBC Convention.  This year I had the opportunity to be able to attend the convention which was held in St. Louis.  It was a great distraction from summer hockey withdrawal to get together with other hockey fans from around the league.  As a rookie it’s a little intimidating when everyone else knows one another but it turns out that everyone is just one big family who welcome newcomers like they’d been there the whole time.  Even though when one needs a drink, snack or a helping hand, they tend to call on a rookie for help, it is all in good fun.

Hanging out with our hockey family and seeing the sites of St. Louis was an experience I will never forget.  On Friday I took the “Beer Barons Tour”, which included a full brewery tour at Anheuser Busch and the Busch family’s private retreat, Grant’s Farm.  We got to see the world famous Clydesdales up close and personal, along with other animals on the grounds.  I thought it would feel like I was a third wheel but it turned out that within no time at all it felt as if we’d all been friends for years.  It was great to hear the guest speaker, Blues defensemen Bob Plager speak of his time as a player in the league.  Many laughs were had by all.  Survivor night was a blast and a great experience for everyone, especially a rookie, but you need to attend to find out what it is all about.  I can’t wait for next year in Nashville to see everyone again and hopefully many new faces too.  …

It was a really nice start to the day as Kevin Sobieski and I headed to 30th St. Station in Philadelphia at 4:45 AM on Friday, April 4th.  We were meeting Craig and Denise Cimino at the station for our 6:30 AM train to Boston where we were staying for the weekend.  The Flyers were set to play the Bruins on Saturday afternoon and the four of us were getting on the same train that our friends, Tom and Carol Watterson and their children, Corbin and Morgan and Morgan's girlfriend Hannah had boarded about 15 minutes earlier in Wilmington, Delaware.  We were all excited about our 6 hour train ride through our area, New York and the beautiful New England Countryside.  Once we boarded, we found our friends easily and were really happy to be able to switch seats various times throughout the ride and catch up with how everyone was doing.  The trip seemed to fly by with great conversation, lots of laughing, snacking, some of our group napping and with Denise & me playing games of Skip-Bo and Phase 10 Masters.  And, while we were on the train, Lou Milano, Kevin James and Bruce Rizzo were driving to the same destination in Bruce's car.  They had started out around 7:30 AM and were planning on arriving in Boston shortly after us. 

Our train pulled in around 12:30 PM and the 9 of us headed outside to catch cabs to our hotel, The Marriott in Bunker Hill.  A "private" taxi offered to take a few of us for $30 and after thinking for a few minutes, 4 of us decided to take it, only to discover that the remaining 5 only paid half in a regular taxi!  Were our faces red!!  After checking into our rooms, we all decided to head out for lunch.  Most of us had been to Boston before and Tom remembered a nice bar/restaurant not too far from the hotel, The Kinsale Irish Pub.  We had a great meal and while we were there, Lou texted to say they had arrived and were checking into their rooms.  Lou and Kevin decided to go to Regina's Pizza, but Bruce joined us at the Irish Pub.

After eating, Denise, Carol, Morgan, Hannah, Kevin and I took a walk to the Massachusetts State House to see a Monument/Statue of Mary Barrett Dyer who had been hung in Boston Common in 1660 - no, not for witchcraft, but for preaching the Quaker religion, which was unlawful in Massachusetts at the time.  I am a big fan of and had found through research and confirmation that Mary Dyer was a direct ancestor - one of my 9th Great-Grandmothers.  I can't describe the emotions going through me as I stood beneath her statue.  And, I can't thank my friends enough for sharing this with me.  

Afterwards we took a walk to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market which is awesome for anyone wanting to do some shopping and/or eating!!  Then we headed back to our hotel where we ran into Alan Ellis in the lobby.  He had just arrived by plane from Philly and he and the rest of our gang were all going to dinner together, and were planning on meeting up with Ritchie Baumann and his girlfriend Shannon at the restaurant.  Little did Craig & Denise Cimino know this dinner was to be a special celebration.  Denise had recently been diagnosed "Cancer Free" after a long, arduous recovery from Breast Cancer surgery and Craig has been her biggest supporter.  When we arrived at Stoddard's on Friday night, there was a vase full of Pink Roses and a card at Denise's spot at the long table.  The card told her that we were there to celebrate her victory over cancer.  At that moment, we all showed them that we were all wearing either pink shirts or pink ribbons and all had buttons saying "My friend is a Breast Cancer Survivor".  It was a magical moment and Denise and Craig were both overwhelmed.  Dinner was delicious and we all had a great time! The owners of the restaurant even sent all of us complimentary shots.  It was pretty late by the time we got back to the hotel and we headed off to bed. 

The next morning we all ate breakfast in the hotel and then Bruce told me he too wanted to see my 9th GG's statue.  So he and I walked to the State House, walked around the "Common" which is a very large park, passed by Cheers and then headed to the TD Garden to watch our Flyers play the Bruins.  I have to say that there were hundreds of fellow Flyers Fans proudly sporting our colors.  After getting through the doors, Bruce walked me to my seat, high up in the Arena, near the goal where the Flyers would be shooting twice.  His seat was on the opposite side, as we were scattered throughout the place, but I was sitting with Kevin, Craig and Bruce.  The game started out pretty good and we were cheering out loud as our guys had some good shots on goal.  But, unfortunately, Boston scored first and a young boy of about 7 or 8 who was sitting in front of Craig turned around and stuck his tongue out at me as he celebrated the goal.  I had to laugh and thought he might do it again when his team scored 4 more goals during the game, but he never looked back at me again.  We lost the game 5-2, but I have to say that the Boston fans treated us very well; the guy next to Craig even bought him a beer and a man with his son sitting next to me asked if I wanted anything when he went to get food.  Boston proved once again it is a very friendly town. 

Dinner that night was at the Union Oyster House and I was a happy customer!  I absolutely love seafood and I feasted on mussels, clams, octopus, squid, salmon, scrod and scallops.  Everyone enjoyed their meal and we walked back to the hotel which was an adventure.  The temperature had dropped about 10 degrees and the winds were blowing at a steady 30 with gusts up to about 45 - and we were walking into the wind.  It added about 10 extra minutes to our 15 minute walk and Denise and I were holding onto one another most of the way.  We were pretty tired after enjoying a full day and welcomed our beds.  And, while most of our group had gone to dinner, 2 brave souls, Kevin and Alan, sat out in the freezing weather at Fenway Park to watch Kevin's beloved Red Sox play the Milwaukee Brewers - brrrrrrrr. The game went 11 innings, but not in Boston's favor.

The next day, our train was leaving around 1 PM so we got up early, had a quick breakfast (but not a good choice of location - sorry everyone) and the original 9 of us walked back to Quincy Market for some last minute shopping.  Bruce, Lou and Kevin headed to their car for their ride home and Alan had already gone to the airport to catch his plane.  After our shopping trip, it was back to finish packing and then to the Train Station.  One of the Station's Red Caps took great care of us.  He loaded all of our baggage on a cart and walked us to our train car ahead of anyone else.  Unlike our ride to Boston, we were told by the conductor that this would be a fully loaded trip and we were not able to change seats at all during the ride so it was a much more quiet trip home, although once again through beautiful scenery. 

Would I go to Boston again?  Definitely!!  It is one of my favorite cities with lots to do.  Would I travel there by train again? 
Absolutely!!  I have now been there by Plane and by Train - next time, maybe by Automobile - who knows?  

Planes, Trains & Automobiles ... by Barb Concilio

Planes, Trains & Automobiles ... by Barb Concilio

Mary Dyer

Bowling Party ... by Maureen Fisher

Bowling Party ... by Maureen Fisher

What is a Fan Club to do with no hockey?  On Saturday November 3, 2012 approximately 30 members and friends of the Fan Club gathered at the Playdrome Bowling Alley in Cherry Hill NJ.  Usually this Fall Classic is called the “Beef and Bowl”.  However this year, event organizer Lou Milano changed up the menu.

Usually the Fan Club has a bowling season when hockey season ends.  This year everyone decided to take the summer off after years of bowling.  So with October coming and going with no start to the hockey season in sight, the Fan Club looked to the Fall Classic Bowling Event for a chance to see everyone.  Lou planned a buffet of stuffed shells, meatballs and wings.  Lou “encouraged” everyone to bring dessert.  The bowling alley provided 8 lanes and most people did bowl and some just participated in the buffet and cheered the bowlers on.  As always, the food was delicious and the desserts were outstanding.

The veterans of the Bowling League dusted off their bowling balls and shoes, and joined the casual bowlers for two games of cosmic bowling.  Cosmic bowling has music going, neon lights and crazy pink pins.  The first game was getting the rust off and the second game came and went all too quickly.  Everyone had a great time, catching up with other Fan Club members, former bowling partners, and commiserating over the hockey season, which was put on hold during the lockout.  Hopefully hockey will resume before the Spring Classic comes around.             

It was a “Claddagh” Fun!!

It was a “Claddagh” Fun!!

                      ... by Theresa Carney

                      ... by Theresa Carney

On September 17th, Scott Hartnell and Ken Casey (of the Dropkick Murphys) cohosted the Claddagh Fund and Hartnell Down Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Woodcrest Country Club.  It was a perfect day for golf with the sun shining to help raise money for various charities that benefit the youth of the area. 

Participants were paired with a celebrity golfer to play 18 holes.  Some of the celebrity golfers included both current Flyers and alumni such as Danny Briere, Matt Read, Kimmo Timmonen, Zac Rinaldo, Jody Shelley, Bernie Parent, Joe Watson, Todd Fedoruk, and Orest Kindrachuk, just to name a few.

The day started with a lunch for all, followed by the golfers heading out to the green to start the scramble play.  When the day was over and the scorecards handed in, everyone gathered one more time for dinner and an auction.  At dinner, various trophies and awards were handed out to the participants, ranging from the teams with the best/worst scores of the day, to the person with the longest drive, and also closest to the pin.  Everyone got a good laugh when Joe Conklin took the mic to oversee the live auction and treated us all to part of his comedy routine.

Everyone who participated had a great time and is looking forward to next year.  In the end, the real winners of the day are the kids who will benefit from all of the money raised on that day.

Fan Club Visit to Toronto - Home to the Hockey Hall of Fame

Fan Club Visit to Toronto - Home to the Hockey Hall of Fame

                                                    ... by Maureen Fisher

                                                    ... by Maureen Fisher

Joe and I were looking forward to the Fan Club road trip to see the Flyers play Toronto on March 10, 2012.  Our journey began at
midnight on Thursday March 8th as 18 members of the fan club left the Voorhees area.  Our bus was a little different this time
since we had so few traveling.  It was a small bus (sort of like the lucky limo buses), and unfortunately was not equipped with a
bathroom.  At the time we didn’t realize this fact would get us noticed in the press.  Everyone loaded on the bus and we started
on our journey.  We stopped every two hours or so for breaks and arrived in Toronto about noon.

Fortunately our rooms were ready at the Radisson Hotel Admiral –Harbourfront.  The hotel is a boutique-style hotel providing
dramatic views of Lake Ontario and the CN Tower.  Some members of the fan club went directly to the NHL Hall of Fame, but
Joe and I decided to get something to eat, unpack and get some sleep.  Josh Ash, Fan Club Facebook administrator,
recommended a restaurant called Barberian’s Steakhouse.  Since 1959, Barberian's is a traditional steakhouse set in an 1860
home.  Alan Ellis decided to join us for dinner and we all agreed it was well worth the visit.  After dinner the three of us traveled
to visit the CN Tower.  Joe and I had visited the CN Tower during the day during our last visit to Toronto, so we were anxious to
see the views from at it night.  Now the weather was beautiful but cold and extremely windy so the top observation deck, Sky Pod
was closed.  The CN Tower is the world's tallest tower as well as Canada's most recognizable icon.  The two floors that we were
able to visit provided awesome views of Toronto at night.  The one floor has a glass floor that allows you to look at the street
below (1,122 ft).  It was fun watching those who would not step on the glass floor.  You could feel it vibrating as people walked
across it.  After that we headed back to the hotel for the night.

The next morning, most of us went to the Flyers practice at the Air Canada Center (ACC).  We got there early enough to see the
end of the Maple Leafs practice.  The Flyers practiced for about one hour.  It was nice to see and talk to all the broadcasters who
were watching practice and taking notes.  After that Joe and I headed out to the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF).  It was nice to
see Mark Howe’s display and all the trophies.  The best part was we got to take our picture with the Stanley Cup.  The employees
of the HHOF, were so much fun teasing us about the Flyers.  We headed back to the hotel after that to prepare for the big game. 
The ACC was fun and our seats were one floor below God (lol) so we decided to hang in the Royal Crown lounge before heading
up.  While seated, former Flyer Mark Laforest sat down next to us saying he was happy to see Flyers fans.  We were so excited to
talk hockey with Mark, especially since he just played in the Alumni Winter Classic game.  He showed us his Calder Cup ring that
he won with the Adirondack Red Wings, even allowing us to try it on.

The game began and the people next to us were so nice to talk to.  It was a very tense game as neither team scored by the end
of regulation and the 5 minute overtime.  Claude Giroux made an awesome move to win the shoot-out and the Flyers won the
game 1-0.  After the game on the way out of the ACC, a bunch of Flyer fans were asking all the other Flyers fans who passed by
to get in a photo with them.  It was so much fun especially since we won.  While waiting for a cab outside the ACC, we again had
fun with the Toronto fans.  We celebrated back at Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill with members of the fan club.  We had a great time,
met some new people and headed back to the room.  We left Toronto about 10 am the next day.  On our way home we made a
stop at Niagara Falls for some photos.  Once we arrived home, one of the writers, Sam Carchidi, mentioned the fan club trip in
his column on Sunday after the game and from that Bill Lyons, retired writer for the Inquirer, interviewed Joe for an article he was
doing on Flyers fans.  All of this press was because they were fascinated that Flyer fans would travel to Toronto on a bus with no
bathroom just to see the Flyers play.  We had so much fun and got a win.  Couldn’t ask for anything better!


The Northern Journey ... by Lou Milano

The Northern Journey ... by Lou Milano

While 11 people recently traveled to Canada for the Winnipeg/Edmonton/Calgary trip, I decided to try a more
“unique” one.  You all know how much I love traveling to Minnesota.  Since Winnipeg came back into the
league for this season, I decided on a very unusual trip to both places.  My plan was to fly into MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul), see the Wild vs. Boston (an extra treat for me to root for the Wild), drive up to Winnipeg
to see the Flyers battle the Jets and drive back to “Minny”.  My buds from Minnesota and Winnipeg warned
me about the dangers of driving into Canada during the winter (you’ll get stuck there, white out, etc) but this
is something I’ve always wanted to do, so the following is a summary of my trip.  Just FYI, Barry Peacock
decided to join me on the flight to MSP and the drive to Winnipeg before going on to Edmonton and Calgary.

Barry and I met at PHL International for our flight to MSP.  We had to leave early since the Wild game was at 2:30 PM CT.  Anyway, the flight was uneventful and we landed in Minny without any issues.  We picked up the car (Dodge, still can’t remember the name) and after seeing how useless the unattached XM system was, we proceeded on the drive to the X, as locals call it (just FYI, X is short for the XCEL Energy Center).  The plan was to meet up with some friends from the area.  So, when we parked the car it was a little shock when we discovered the car wouldn’t lock.  Thanks to Barry, he figured out a certain button needed to be pushed to actually lock the car…  Upon our relief, we made the walk to Tom Reid’s Pub for lunch (a MUST STOP for anyone traveling to a game there) where we met up with old (not age wise) friends Rhonda Smed, Ruthann Petrell and her mom & brother.  It was GREAT to see them (although I travel to Minnesota often so I’m almost a local to them).  About the time was spent talking about past NHLBC Conventions and trying to talk Barry into attending.  After lunch, we attended the Wild/Boston game where the home team (YES!!!) shutout the Defending Stanley Cup Champs 2-0 on a 48 save game by Niklas Backstrom (goaltending…).  After the game Barry and I proceeded on the drive to Fargo, North Dakota (about 4 hours from MSP) where we were staying that night.  The drive was uneventful, although we began to wonder if there were going to be any places to eat.  We arrived at the hotel, crashed in our room and rested up for the next day. 

We left the hotel in Fargo, ND around 9:30 AM and the biggest scare was me turning into the oncoming lane (much to Barry’s chagrin) but fortunately there was no oncoming traffic.  The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful.  Barry told me there was nothing in North Dakota (he spent some time there several years ago) and he was right.  However, the speed limit (in ND) is 75!!  We proceeded to the Canadian Border where the officer was grumpy until we told him our purpose for the visit and then he lit up like a Christmas tree.  Upon arrival at the hotel (we were the last of the group to arrive), we all met up in the bar and met a guy who was an “undrafted” guy signed by the Flyers (correct me about the undrafted status).  It was great talking hockey with everyone in the bar.  As predicted one beer turned into six and pretty soon…  Just about then my friends from the Old Winnipeg Jets Booster Club, Gerry & Michelle Chartrand and Bob Hnat came into the bar (we were scheduled to meet at Boston Pizza that night).  I haven’t seen them in over 15 years!!  It was great seeing them (just a reference, these are the kind of people you meet at conventions).  By 6:30 PM, the eight of us (Barry Peacock, Judy and Ben Crawford, Sarah Lodise, Shannon Conn, Karen K. and Tracey Johnson) along with the Winnipeg people and the undrafted Flyer met at Boston Pizza where Lynn, Annette and Matthew Chartrand (also from the old Jets Booster Club) met us.  It was awesome seeing everyone mingle.  After that, people were tired (maybe from drinking in the bar all day) and we geared up for game day.

2/21/12 (in three inches of snow!!): 
I tried to arrange practice at the MTS Centre (a great building by the way, a hockey arena!!) but I forgot the game time was changed to 6 PM Local.  However this was ok as we attended practice in Nashville but the Flyers lost so I thought maybe a change of pace would be good.  We then walked around Winnipeg and it was like any other hockey Canadian city, hockey talk, the Flyers rock, the Flyers are going down tonight (more graphic words), etc.  Around noon several of us took a drive to River City Sports.  Some may know of this as they’re a gigantic hockey supplier (just ask Alan Ellis) so of course when in Winnipeg…  No one seemed to be able to buy anything so after an hour or so we went back to the hotel and geared up for the game.  Jo Ann Burke was also attending but was staying with a friend who was/is a HUGE Flyers fan.  He took us to the bar across the street from the MTS Centre and we talked hockey (who should stay, who should go).  Before we knew, it was game time.  You all know the outcome of the game.  It was great, with 55 shots on goal.  The Jets fans were stunned after Jagr’s OT goal, but the Flyers really deserved this game.  Though seeing my friends in Winnipeg made me glad the Jets got at least a point.  After the game Gerry and Michelle Chartrand took Barry and me to a place called Baked Expectations.  It’s basically a dessert place.  I was there in 1996 and while the place had great desserts then, it STILL DOES TODAY!!  By the time we got back to the hotel, most people had gone up to their rooms as they had an early flight to Edmonton the next day.   And, I had to be ready for my 8 + hour trip back to Minnesota.

My buddy Bob Hnat treated me to breakfast at Tim Hortons (where I tried to get one of the “Roll the Rim” T-shirts but to no avail).  After saying my goodbyes to Barry and Bob, I was on my way to Minnesota.  It was great listening to 1290 (TSN in Winnipeg) as they talked about the game, the NHL, the Trading Deadline (if only we had such a station here).  Upon re-entering the USA, I kind of tested the waters as far as speed.  As I proceeded into Minnesota about 100 miles in Smokey, I was clocked at 88 in a 70 MPH zone and you can guess what happened.  But then we started talking about the Vikings and he told me he’d lower the ticket (we’ll see, I have to call in two weeks).  Approximately 5:30 PM, I arrived at Char and Mike Hruby’s house where I was staying for the night.  We went to a great bar for dinner and by the time we returned to their house, we were exhausted. 

The next morning, we all left Char and Mike’s house the same time (them to work, me to the airport).  If you want to see organization, it’s Char and Mike’s AM routine.  I should have filmed it.  It was great!!  You’d never catch me doing anything like that in the AM.  I’m lucky to get to work on time (hehe).  Anyway, I arrived at the airport, my flight was on time and my journey was over.  Yes, the weather was cold (but I’m told not nearly as cold as usual).  Yes, this was a crazy itinerary and yes most people thought I was crazy for doing this, but it was a blast!  I saw some great hockey, saw some old friends and just had a plain old great time!  I can’t wait for next year’s adventure…

Nashville, Here comes the PFFC!

Nashville, Here comes the PFFC!

On Friday January 13th, the Flyers Fan Club members hit the skies for their trip to Nashville, the country music capital of the world. 
A wonderful time was had by all, exploring music row and historic parts of the city - and of course, going to a Hockey Game (the
hotel was just steps from the arena)!  Dining with friends was yet another highlight of the trip, not to mention the awesome experience of scaring the living daylights out of Jaromir Jagr (read about it in Palma’s “Bucket List” story on the PUCK page).

We would like to thank Zack and Lou for making yet another trip a memorable one. 
Pictures below brought to you by our one and only - Allan Ellis! 

Wa's a madder for you?
The LineUp
Should I really be this sleepy?
Hey, what time is it anyway?
Want a snack while we wait?
Does that come with Pizza?

MS Walk in Ocean City, New Jersey

MS Walk in Ocean City, New Jersey

On Sunday May 1st, a group of Our Flyers Fan Club members took part in the MS Walk in Ocean City, NJ. 
While Jen Ebling volunteered her time at the registration table, Pam Miller, Stacey Squilla, Lou Milano, Alan Ellis and
Lois Witulski hit the Boardwalk to begin the walk for the fight against MS.  In keeping with the “Playoff” Spirit, they wore their
Orange Flyer Tees for the event and were a big hit with the other walkers.  Everyone cheered them (and the Flyers) on
as they made their way along the 4 mile route.  It was a beautiful day and it was great to raise money for such a worthy cause.

We would like to thank the PFFC for their support. 
When they finished - you guessed it - off to Mack & Manco’s for pizza! 


Meet and Greet with Rod Brind’Amour

Meet and Greet with Rod Brind’Amour

Approximately 60 PFFC members made the trip to Raleigh for Rod’s retirement ceremony and the Flyers vs. Hurricanes game. 
 Upon arriving, the PFFC took part in a surprise meet & greet with Rod. 
These are the pictures from that Meet & Greet!.

Click on the pictures for a larger image







Rod Brind'Amour On-Ice Ceremony


The PFFC presented Rod Brind'Amour with artwork and a check
for $500.00 to his favorite charity at the meet and greet
prior to the game at RBC Center on
Friday, February 18, 2011. 

Thanks to PFFC member Cliff Lentz
for creating this beautiful picture for Rod. 

Rod spent about 45 minutes with us.
As seen over the years both on and off the ice,
Rod was the epitome of class in recognizing his fans one last time
before embarking on the next phase of his career.


Summer 2010 Bowling Report

Summer 2010 Bowling Report

Summer Bowling Report by Theresa Carney

Congratulations to “Team Tootels” for finishing in 1st place in this year's PFFC Summer Bowling League.  Teammates Joe Fisher, Andrew DellaVecchia and Tricia Walter narrowly defeated “Team LL Joo” (whose team consisted of Lou Milano, Alan Ellis and Logan Moore) to claim the 1st place title.  At the end each team was tied in win and losses, but Team Tootels had beaten Team LL Joo in total pins. 

“Team No "F" in Strike” whose members included Maureen Fisher, Stacey Squilla and Joe Bustard came in 3rd.  Although Maureen didn't win any money for her team's finish, she did however end the year with the high game scratch of 174.  She said "It was a miracle." 

Coming in last place and "winners" of the Milano Mug was “Team Gurlz W/ 2 Balls” who included Bunny Moore, MaryAnn Corner and Kevin James.
Even though our numbers were smaller this year, we saw newcomers along with returning bowlers.  Summer bowling is always a blast because our goal is just to have fun.  It doesn't matter what your average is, a good time is had by all. 
Thank you to all who participated this year and I hope to see you all next year. 

Keep on Bowling…

Flyer’d Up Eschert Wedding by Lorraine Eschert

Flyer’d Up Eschert Wedding by Lorraine Eschert

Click on the pictures for a larger image

Amy's garter

Cake topper

Grooms cake


All Flyer'd Up

Flyers Al & I have been Flyers fans since the 70's and we have passed our love for the Flyers on to our two sons, Albert and Chris and their significant others, Amy and Amber.  Albert and Amy were recently married on May 8th.  They incorporated their Flyers enthusiasm into their
wedding.  All was planned well before anyone knew the Flyers would have such a fantastic playoff run! 

Game 1 of the Flyers/Boston series was being played, the week before, during their wedding rehearsal.  Most of the wedding party wore
Flyers jerseys and even the minister wore a Flyers shirt that we gave her.  She wasted no time getting through the rehearsal so we could
catch the remainder of the game at the rehearsal dinner. 

For the big day, Albert & Amy chose orange roses for their wedding cake, which was topped with custom made figurines of the couple
standing before a miniature 2010 Stanley Cup - the smiling groom in a Flyers jersey with one arm around his bride and the other cradling
a hockey stick.

Al had a hockey rink groom's cake made for Albert, complete with Flyers and Rangers players (the Rangers are Albert's most hated team). 
Amber, Chris's fiancee, gave Amy a custom made garter, complete with a hockey skate and crossed sticks.  Instead of the traditional white
rose boutonniere, Albert went with an orange rose. 

It was a beautiful wedding and we will always remember the great playoff run the Flyers had the year Albert & Amy got married!

The Stanley Cup Friendly Rivalry by PFFC Puck Editor Lois Witulski

The Stanley Cup Friendly Rivalry by PFFC Puck Editor Lois Witulski

Was it the battle of the Towels?

                  Flyers Towel  VS  Hawks Towel
No ...

Was it the battle of the Shirts?

                    Flyers Shirt  VS  Hawks Shirt
No ...

        Just Lois’s Vacation in Florida with her parents, Frank and Lois having
        some friendly rivalry with Chicago Blackhawk fans Tim & Deb Gallagher
        of Elk Grove Village, Illinois. 

                  Lois's Vacation in Florida

Time with Coach Laviolette

Time with Coach Laviolette

One on One with Coach Laviolette by Lois Witulski

Flyers Coach Peter Laviolette (along with his son, Peter) joined the PFFC at our monthly meeting on Tuesday night, March 30th.  Peter was
originally scheduled to attend the February meeting that was cancelled due to the snow.  But on this rainy night, even though his family was
visiting from Florida, Peter insisted on joining the Fan Club as he had promised. 

What a treat!  Peter was truly happy to join us and even offered to come back to speak to us at a later time. Laviolette is thrilled to be part of the
Flyers Organization and it showed.  During his visit, he spoke about the Flyers playoff run, the challenges of joining a team mid-season, his
delight at coaching the Winter Classic Game and the thrill of winning the 2006 Stanley Cup in Carolina.  He also talked about the personal
challenges of his job, especially being away from his family and the many moves his family has made over the years. 

With regards to the Flyers recent adversities, Coach Laviolette shared with us something that he recently told the team:

“Don’t Hope, Expect”. 

His motto holds true not only for the team but in everyday life.  Don’t just hope, expect that you can and believe in yourself. 
Words we can all afford to live by.  Thanks, Coach!

The Winter Classic experience

The Winter Classic experience







Click on the pictures for a larger image

Hey, Where’s my Pants?
My Winter Classic Experience by Kevin James

I should’ve known that the snow greeting me as I left the house was a bad omen.  And in a way it was.  The snow wasn’t deep but it
made the roads very slick as I witnessed a few cars spun out and in a ditch.  So I took my sweet old time driving to the Flyers Skate
Zone in Voorhees, to catch the bus to “Beantown” this past New Year’s Eve.

The two buses departed about 8:30AM and we were on our way.  Despite the weather, we continued to make decent time, until we
reached the Connecticut border.  It always seems to become slow going when crossing the state line.  Instead of a six hour ride, it
became a snail’s crawl, taking eight hours.  But our drivers made sure we arrived safely to our destination and that’s what counts.

We all checked in to the Holiday Inn Beacon Hill, and I decided to change the sweatpants I wore on the ride up for a pair of jeans to go
out to dinner.  I started unpacking my suitcase…shirts, long johns, socks, underwear, pants??  Where are my jeans?  Oh, no way!! 
I had forgotten to pack my pants!  Now what?  Was I going to hike around Boston the entire weekend in the same sweatpants? 
You bet!  I wasn’t going to let it spoil my weekend.  What else was I going to do?  My funds were somewhat limited and I didn’t know
where I could possibly find a clothing store open on New Year’s Eve. 

After putting on my winter boots, a group of 16 of us trekked to “Boston’s Best” pizza joint, Pizzeria Regina.  Lou Milano treated me as
part of an early birthday present.  We all could taste why it’s rated Boston’s best pizza too!  I knew that I needed to walk around a bit
following the consumption of all that pizza, so Joe Perez, Joe Calderaio, Al Neher and I walked through the slush over to Boston Harbor
for the midnight fireworks.  The New Year was ushered in with a spectacular 20 minute display. 
|It sure beat watching New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, sitting in my hotel room (what an understatement!)…

January 1, 2010 is a day I will long remember.  The buses picked us up at 9AM to take us over to Fenway Park.  Since I didn’t have a
ticket to the game, I was going with the hope that there’d be a Jumbotron outside the stadium so I could watch the game at Fenway
instead of watching at the hotel.  I didn’t care how cold it was, I just wanted to be there.  I was disappointed to find no Jumbotron. 
The group headed for the Winter Classic Fan Zone, located across the street from Fenway.  There were many activities going on as
well as free stuff being given away.  If it’s free, it’s for me!  The Geico caveman made an appearance and there was a place to get a
bowl of “chowdah” too.

Yawkey Way, the street outside the ballpark, was jam packed with fans waiting for the gates to open at 11AM.  The crowd began
thinning out slowly as the gates opened.  That’s when I met a guy who was selling a ticket to the game.  Was I in the right place at
the right time or what?  We started talking and I tried to make sure he wasn’t a scalper.  He was selling the ticket for $200.00 and it
was supposedly next to his seat.  I was debating whether or not to trust this guy and I started to sweat, all the while thinking about
the extra Christmas money that I was saving for a special occasion.  I knew I probably shouldn’t, but how could I pass up on this
once in a lifetime chance?  I reluctantly paid him his asking price but at the same time worried that I may have just been robbed. 
But I passed through the gate with no trouble and let out a big WHEW!!  Finally, things were starting to go my way!  When I arrived
at my seat, I found the guy and his wife sitting next to me.  They were enjoying a “Fenway Frank” and a beer as they introduced
themselves.  The friendly beginning quickly switched to a debate on the good old days of Flyers-Bruins hockey. 
No worries, we were really enjoying the whole thing.

We had to stand up to see the game due to everyone else standing.  It was very difficult to follow the puck, but the atmosphere totally
made up for the venue not being conducive to hockey.  Shouts of “Let’s Go Bruins” were followed by our familiar “Let’s Go Flyers”. 
I’d say the ratio of fans was 60% Bruins fans, 40% Flyers fans but we held our own.  It was all done in good fun and I had no problem
with the Bruins fans.  They made it so much fun with some of their rousting.  The game ended with Boston winning 2-1 in overtime. 
To me, the loss wasn’t that hard to take because of the camaraderie shared with the opposing fans.  Sure, I wanted the Flyers to win,
but I met people who I will try to stay in touch with.  Fans that weren’t hateful, just people out to enjoy the Winter Classic Experience.
 Sometimes it’s not all about winning or losing.  Thank you, Dan and Heather!  You made the day well worth it!

I arrived home Saturday night and as I undressed, my sweatpants practically threw themselves into the hamper.  I looked over on my
bed and saw my jeans sitting right where I’d left them.  I laughed to myself but at that point I really didn’t care. 
I’d survived the weekend and have lots of great memories to show for it.


Was that a Dream?
by Lois Witulski

What began as a glimmer of hope way back in July became a reality on New Year’s Eve 2009. Approximately 130 PFFC members
from Philadelphia and beyond made their way to Boston, by bus, car, train & plane to see the Flyers vs. Bruins in the NHL Annual
Winter Classic.  And I was lucky enough to be one of them!! 

I can talk about all of the fun things we did:  a delicious New Year’s Eve dinner, watching the ball drop at midnight & toasting the
New Year and an evening out after the game in which approximately 50 members got together for dinner.  But the real focus should
be on the experience of the game so here goes... 

Mother Nature was kind and after many forecasts of rain & snow, we woke up on game day to dry skies and relatively mild temperatures.
I bundled up anyway (better to be safe than sorry) with at least five layers on most of my body, not to mention blankets, extra gloves,
hat & ear muffs, etc.  Next, we hopped a cab to the game - I’m really starting to get excited now…

It is hard to explain the feeling upon arriving at Fenway, the closest I could compare it to would be Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals
in 1997.  Flyers fans, Bruins fans, everyone was pumped up and raring to go.  We entered Fenway around noon, a pretty cool
experience in itself - the old ballpark gives you the feeling of stepping back in time.  Our seats were in section 41 in right field,
certainly not the best, but at least we were there… 

After the warm up, pregame festivities began highlighted with the singing of the Canadian & United States National Anthems,
Bobby Clarke & Bobby Orr taking part in the ceremonial puck drop and a Stealth Bomber flyover that literally shook the building. 
As for the game, I must admit I really couldn’t see much of the play on the ice but it really didn’t matter, just being there was
enough for me.  Fans were on their feet from beginning to the end, “Let’s Go Flyers” chants alternating with “Let’s Go Bruins”
chants throughout.  There was the occasional “E-A-G-L-E-S” chant, several “Yankees Suck” chants (something that fans from
both teams agreed on) and the singing of “Sweet Caroline” (a Red Sox tradition, I’m told).  It was one big party in the stands, an
electric atmosphere - everyone having an all-out great time.  I watched, listened and cheered for my Flyers, just taking the whole
scene in.  As I’m sure you know, the Flyers played tough and held a 1-0 lead for most of the game but caught a few bad breaks
at the end of the third, paving the way to a Boston victory in overtime.  Despite the loss, at least they grabbed a much needed point. 
It was an unbelievable day, a great weekend and a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. 
I guess I wasn’t dreaming after all - I was there!!

PFFC Bowling League

PFFC Bowling League

Milano Mug Returns to its Origins by Palma Maglio

Depending on who you talk to, the 13th PFFC bowling league was either lucky or a disaster.


Shawn & Joe


Harry, Maureen & Greg

After two years of coming “this close” to being champion, PFFC
President Joe Fisher & teammate Shawn Frizzle from the “Tattooed Bowlers”, finally avoided the last week choke by clinching 1st place
with three weeks to go
The roster also included Joe Perez & for a short time, Ashley Concilio.


Second place went to the “Annihilators” - Maureen Fisher, Greg Regan
and Harry Regan.  Since the big money was already gone, this was the
only contested prize.  I believe it came down to the wire,
but don’t quote me.




Allan, Logan, Barb and Mary Rose


Milano Mug Winners

The “Meerkats” - Alan Ellis, Logan Moore, Barb Regan and Mary Rose Pangburn took the final prize. 
Well, at least third place money is better than nada.



On the flip side, after two years of finishing “in the money”, PFFC VP Lou Milano’s team “clinched” the Milano Mug, also with three weeks to go. 
That left the rest of us near the bottom of the standings celebrating three weeks of being “mug proof”, a definite relief for my Captain-O-Captain Stacey Squilla, a four time mug “winner”


This was kind of a lost year, with a lot of injuries and drop outs, but all in all most had a good time. 
The summer league is a great way to keep in touch with fellow PFFC-ers during the summer and new blood is ALWAYS welcome…
Think about it next year…Hopefully after a parade down Broad Street.


Evening with the Team stories

Evening with the Team stories

PFFC Members Sharing their stories . . .

Nicole Thomas

Mike Knuble was MIA. We were all anxiously looking around and couldn’t find him anywhere. Theresa and Caroline went to Ben Eager's
table since his table was kinda light, while Bunny and I waited to see if Mike would come. I spotted Mike and went to retrieve the others.
They moved back but, still no Mike. We went to get food and Mike got in line behind us. We all introduced ourselves as his table and
what great timing.

After dinner, we all got up and went to get autographs. Mike was well entertained with his own autograph seekers. Then all of us from
the table seemed to be in one spot at the same time. Mike told us to stay while he went back to the table to get the tickets to pick the
winner. Then he came back, stuck the tickets in his pocket and drew out the winners for the table centerpieces. We then got our
pictures taken with him and said our good byes.

Mike signed each of our pucks as “Thanks for Dinner”. It was probably one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.

Evelyn Gross

First of all, I'd like to say that our evening with the Flyers was a huge success. I was leery of having players sign autographs but almost
everyone was well behaved and waited until after they had eaten. I have long since stopped collecting autographs but I decided to have
the player at my table, Robert Esche, sign my rubber puck. When I got home, I thought “what should I do with this”. So I put it in the
mail to my great nephew, Matthew (12 years old) who is a very big sports fan and loves the Flyers. Well, several days later I got a phone
call from Matthew and nothing could match the excitement (almost tears) in his voice. He said he couldn't figure it out at first but saw the
42 and knew it was Robert Esche, one of his favorites. It was such a good feeling to know how much this small act was appreciated.
Sorta makes me sorry I didn't make an effort to get that program signed by the others.

Helena Haig (submitted pics below the story)

Warren was having a conversation with Simon Gagne and I came over to say hello. Simon congratulated me on our engagement. Simon
took me so off guard I got so tongue tied I couldn't say a word. Yeah that is right I could not say a word. Once I realized what he was
talking about in his Canadian accent I showed him my ring and thanked him for coming to the dinner to spend some time with us.

Warren's 7-year old grandson Brandon drew a picture of Peter Forsberg for me. We took it with us to the dinner to see if Peter Forsberg
would autograph it for Brandon. When Peter got a look at it he asked Warren if he drew it for him. Warren told Peter it took him four
months to draw it until he finally got it right. We now have the autographed picture in a frame to give to Brandon when he gets older.

Lois Witulski

Sami Kapanen counted our autographs and told us that we didn’t have enough - we had to go get more. Funny, he actually put his name
on a ticket for the centerpiece. He said if he was the winner, he’d get to pick whoever he wanted to win. We signed a blank program with
our autographs” and gave it to him to take home, along with one of the rubber pucks for his son.

Maureen Fisher

Joe and I had the pleasure of having dinner with the Captain Peter Forsberg. He walked around the table and greeted everyone personally.
He was very down to earth, funny and answered all our questions. Peter told us he likes living in Philly. The most exciting stories for me
was Peter describing the welcoming home that team Sweden received after winning the Olympic gold medal and his life in Sweden. I was
especially honored to be able to have my picture taken just with him. Peter was very touched by the standing ovation the team received at
the party. We wished him well the rest of the season and told him we hoped to see him in a Flyer uniform next year. It was truly a
wonderful night.

John Sereda

An entire night dedicated to the members of the Flyers Fan Club with all the Flyers players in attendance was something that I have
dreamed of my entire life. Never in my wildest dreams, would I ever expect that I’d be in the same room with each player from the
Flyers at one time. From superstar Peter “The Great” Forsberg to NHL sophomore phenom Jeff Carter, my dream came to reality on
January 15, 2007 when my Dad and I were invited as guests to the Flyers Fan Club Night with the Flyers.

The dream became a reality when we arrived at the Flyers Skatezone practice facility in Voorhees on that night. Prior to arriving and
without knowing what to expect, I was not aware of the breadth of our night until the ride to the event. My Dad, who is also a new Fan
Club member brought to my attention that each table would have 8 people and include one or two of the players seated with us.
I responded in utter excitement and shock as I could not believe this to be true. However, upon arriving to the event, I noticed that
each table had a cardboard cutout Flyers jersey along with the name of the respective player on the back of it, corresponding to their
assigned table. At this point, I had realized that what my Dad had told me was entirely true.

The night that had started out as a dream turned reality, became a dream once again when Flyers Head Coach John Stevens and
General Manager Paul Holmgren came over to sit down right next to us. The night seemed surreal. We ate alongside two highly
respected former players turned personnel and conversed for the next couple of hours with them as if they were regular people that
we’d just met at a backyard barbecue party. In addition, we had the privilege to visit the other tables to talk, get autographs and take
pictures with all of the players. Each player was very personable to say the least and accommodating. One of the most excellent verbal
exchanges came when I got Simon Gagne to chuckle a bit when I told him that I might get Mike Knuble’s signature after his and
Forsberg’s. Of course, I did get Knuble’s signature as it was my intention the whole time. The food was great and the opportunity
was unforgettable. That night with the Flyers was one of the most memorable experiences that I have ever had in my entire life. More importantly, I was able to share it with my Dad.

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