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Venue: Wingate Hotel, Voorhees, N.J.


NHLBCC Convention 2015

"Detroit Red Wings for ‘em"
in Nashville, Tennessee

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 Kerry Fraser Media/Book Signing Itinerary: The Final Call, Hockey Stories from a Legend in Stripes
The Final Call, Hockey Stories from a Legend in Stripes

  After thirty years as an official in the National Hockey League, legendary referee Kerry Fraser has decided
to hang up his skates and enjoy the game from the other side of the boards. Never shy about offering his
opinion or afraid to step in and separate an on-ice fight, Fraser is arguably the most respected referee in
the history of the game. Over the course of the 2,165 NHL contests he oversaw, Fraser has shown himself
to be an unbiased, courageous, and sometimes controversial judge.

  In The Final Call, Fraser provides a highly entertaining, honest, and sometimes hard-hitting look at the
game and its many faces and changes over his record-breaking career. Go to ice level and experience
first-hand the interactions of your favourite players and coaches from the man you love to hate!

  If you would like a copy, his book is available at either www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com.

 Scott Hartnell donates the Gene Hart Award $1,500 check to P.A.W.S. (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society)
Scott donates check to PAWS

Philadelphia Flyers left wing Scott Hartnell donated a $1,500 check today to P.A.W.S.
 (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society), located 2nd and Arch Street in Philadelphia. 

Hartnell received the check from the Philadelphia Flyers Fan Club for winning
the Gene Hart Award, given annually to the Flyer who plays with the most “heart,”
as voted by the Fan Club. 

The award honors the memory of longtime Flyers broadcaster Gene Hart.   

 From left to right: Robin Ackerman (foster care manager), Hartnell (holding Jack) and Allison Lamond (adoption center manager).

 Orange, Black & Blue: The Greatest Philadelphia Flyers Stories Never Told by Chuck Gormley
Orange, Black& Blue by Chuck Gormley
will take you where you’ve always wanted to go -- on the ice; on the bench; in the locker room; and into
the private lives of the greatest players in franchise history.


Inside the pages reside the most heart-pounding, heart-breaking and heart-warming stories in the
Philadelphia Flyers’ rich and storied history.

Laugh with the players as they play pranks on each other. Cry with them as they cope with the tragic
deaths of teammates. Celebrate with them as they enjoy some of the most improbable victories in
National Hockey League history.

You can buy this book online at http://chuckspuck.com

 Pelle Lindbergh - Behind the White Mask by Bill Meltzer and Thomas Tynander  Pelle Lindbergh - Behind the White Mask by  Bill Meltzer and Thomas Tynander                                                

A Book Review by Lois Witulski

“Behind the White Mask” tells the story of the late Flyers goalie Pelle Lindbergh.  Authors Bill Meltzer
and Thomas Tynander take us through Pelle’s life from his childhood growing up in Sweden, to meeting
his beloved fiancée Kerstin, to his love of speed and fast cars, to his amazing hockey career and finally
to his tragic death.  I laughed and I cried, as this book is both inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time.

The book is written as two stories.  The odd numbered chapters tell the story of the days leading up to and immediately following Pelle’s death.  This is a story of fate.  As the events in the hours leading up to Pelle’s
horrific accident unfold, you will read about the many circumstances that brought his life to such a terrible
ending.  You will feel the pain of Pelle’s family, friends and teammates, almost as if you were there yourself.

The even number chapters tell the story of Pelle’s life.  This is a story of inspiration.  Pelle decided at a very
young age that he would one day play for the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL.  As a young boy, Pelle chose the
Flyers as his favorite team simply because he liked the logo.  But as the years go by, he sees films of the two
Flyers Stanley Cup wins and begins to idolize and emulate goaltender Bernie Parent.  Pelle was determined,
he never gave up and by the mid 1980’s, his dream had finally come true. 

The stories finally combine in the final chapters, where you will relive the aftermath of Pelle’s death. 
Many lives were changed on that unfortunate day and you will learn how Pelle’s loved ones had to
cope with their sudden loss and eventually move on. 
This book is a “must read” for any Flyers fan, hockey fan or sports fan.  I highly recommend this well-written biography of the life of Pelle Lindbergh. Both on the ice and off, Pelle accomplished a lot in his short life and now we are finally able share in it.  I’m so glad that I did.

You can buy this book at any Book Store OR Online at Amazon (Link Provided Below)

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